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Our Vision provider, VSP offers one of the most extensive networks of optometrists and vision care specialists in the country. Under this plan you can use a VSP provider or a provider who is not in the network, but if you visit a VSP provider you will receive an enhanced level of benefits. 

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  • VSP does not provide ID cards, simply provide your personal information to your doctor and they'll be able to look up your benefits.

  • VSP provides extra savings on glasses, laser vision correction and much more. Check out your benefit summary for more information!

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Open Enrollment – December 8th through December 18th

All elections, waivers, or declinations of benefits must be completed in the Benefits Enrollment Portal.  Benefit elections are effective January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018, unless you experience a qualifying event during the plan year.

You MUST make an election in the enrollment portal by the December 18th deadline or you will not have medical or dental coverage.  VSP coverage will continue as is.

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