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Note: If you are a new hire enrolling in ChoiceBuilder dental coverage effective December 1 2017, please complete the ChoiceBuilder dental application.  It needs to be printed, manually signed and scanned to once you’ve finalized your benefit selections

2018 Dental

The Dental coverage provided by Anthem Dental provides access to their large HMO and PPO network. The PPO plan offers both in and out of network coverage. As with all PPO plans, be sure to understand that you'll incur additional expenses when you utilize out of network providers.

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Open Enrollment – December 8th through December 18th

All elections, waivers, or declinations of benefits must be completed in the Benefits Enrollment Portal.  Benefit elections are effective January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018, unless you experience a qualifying event during the plan year.

You MUST make an election in the enrollment portal by the December 18th deadline or you will not have medical or dental coverage.  VSP coverage will continue as is.

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